30 Days of Mindfulness

Let's all just take a breath... And then create a habit that will give you PEACE in the middle of any storm or struggle.


Calm Your Anxiety

Rest in the knowing that everything is working together for your greatest good.

Heal The Hurts

Get relief from the lies you believe and the emotional stress that's keeping you from inner peace and happiness.

Find Fulfillment

Reconnect with your purpose and direction, letting peace lead you to joy.

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30 Day Mindfulness Course

  • Daily Video Lessons with Mindfulness Action Steps
  • 4 Sharable Weekly Mantras
  • Bonus Meditations, Videos and Beneficial Material ($549 Value)
  • Access Anywhere 

30 Days of Mindfulness

A Path to Inner Peace and Outward Progress

Life's circumstances can be difficult, distracting and sometimes plain devastating.

From anxiety to depression, or a painful event that has set you back, it's common to feel out of sorts and overwhelmed.

It's especially intense when we've lost our connection to the Spirit and to our inner being.

Personally, I've been through crushing set backs and disappointments, intensely painful life events and the sadness and shame that can go with them. But I learned some tools for cultivating PEACE in my own life, and what came along with it was purpose, passion and new perspective--on everything!

I can't overstate the importance of developing an prayerful meditation habit--or MINDFULNESS. 

That's why I created this 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge for you. It brings all of my learnings, revelations and faith journey to the table for you. In this challenge, I walk you through 30 days of simple mindfulness exercises that will quite simply transform your life.

And I firmly believe—because this stuff has worked for me—in 30 days, you’ll have noticeably increased peace. Childlike peace. Maybe not perfectly and 100% of the time, but if you go through these teachings and practice the habits I’m going to teach you, you’ll have the tools to shut down anxiety, shut out the fearful lies, and focus on who you are and what you’re here to do.

About Your Instructor

Caleb Anderson is a former pastor and Founder of Spirit Farm--a personal growth platform that helps you growth your relationship to God. Caleb is changing the way people think about personal spirituality, helping thousands experience true wholeness: mind, body, heart and soul as the path to ultimate fulfillment. 

Caleb created this 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge as a way to share the tools that brought about profound change in his own life. 


"Caleb was instrumental in helping me lean into my personal convictions, desires. He helped strengthen my confidence in ways I did not think were possible. Because of the time spent with Caleb, my goals and career path came into focus and I became clear on my next steps, while also finding great clarity in the person I am today and who I want to be in the future."

Kaycee D

"Caleb Anderson has an uncanny knack for taking ancient wisdom and making it incredibly practical and relevant. "

Les P, PhD

"Caleb is a gifted leader, teacher and visionary. He makes biblical truths applicable and accessible to everyone. His teachings have greatly impacted my perspective, for which I am eternally grateful."

Shannon P

"The 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge is really helping me to get through all of the panic and fear in the world right now. Checking in with myself and my spirit each day has kept me grounded. "

Maia W

Start Experiencing More Peace Today

Start Experiencing More Peace Today Get started on your 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge today. We'll walk you through easy-to-follow teachings, exercises and bonus materials that will transform your anxiety into peace, connecting you to a God who is bigger than you thought and closer than you imagined.


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