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Trade Calories for Confidence

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You can finally be free from the disappointing cycle of diet and exercise by exchanging the focus on body to focus on identity.

Kill Insecurity

Find Freed

Love your body


6-week healthy lifestyle course


The cycle of dieting, obsessing over the scale, counting calories, restricting pleasure, exercising excessively while never feeling free or secure in your body is not only torture, it’s unfair and unnecessary.  

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What You’ll Learn 

▶  Why the next diet fad doesn’t matter. And what you can do instead. 

▶  We can change our relationship with food. It’s time think differentlyFood should be enjoyed—not binged; not resented.  

▶  We want progress, not perfection. It’s not about being perfect or never failing. Grace is sufficient and progress is one choice away.   

▶  Freedom is possible. Even though you tried before and failed.  

▶  Your unique journey matters. God knows it all. You’re okay. And here’s an invitation to take your next steps.  

By the end of this webinar-interview with Amber Thiel and Caleb Anderson, you’ll have the courage, confidence and clarity to take your next steps on your journey of health.

About Amber Thiel 

Amber is the founder and CEO of The Healthy Edge, a Personal Development company that coaches women on their health journeys. Amber is an authority in the area of food and fitness, speaking to thousands and coaching hundreds of women, but it’s her personal journey through pain, loss, betrayal and deep insecurity to a life of faith, fitness and freedom that draws so many women to her.

About Caleb Anderson 

Caleb Anderson is a Spiritual Guide, first as a pastor, then holistic Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Caleb studied business at the University of Southern California where he was voted Captain of the Men’s Volleyball Team by his teammates his Sophomore year. He then worked at or consulted for several of the most influential churches and organizations in the country (Saddleback Church, Mariners Church, YMCA, YoungLifebefore leading a fast-growing church in Huntington Beach, CA. After the church exploded from 200 to 2,000 in weekly attendance a few short years, Caleb realized that to serve and inspire more people would require a completely new approach. He started Spirit Farm—a platform for Personal Develop for the whole life: body, mind, heart, soul—in 2019 where thousands around the world find practical, spiritual coaching for their real lives. Caleb teaches regularly inside the Spirit Farm Membership Program, has authored several books, created multiple online courses and lives with his family in Paradise Valley, AZ.  

What People Say About Caleb 


"Caleb Anderson clears the path, and gives us clarity and biblical wisdom to reignite our inner passion toward becoming the person God wants us to be! Caleb is a gift to his generation!"- Richard Watts, Author of Fables of Fortune, and Entitlemania 


Caleb Anderson has an uncanny knack for taking ancient wisdom and making it incredibly practical and relevant.” - Les Parrott, Ph.D. #1 New York Times best-selling author  

"Caleb was instrumental in helping me lean into my personal convictions, desires. He helped strengthen my confidence in ways I did not think were possible. Because of the time spent with Caleb, my goals and career path came into focus and I became clear on my next steps, while also finding great clarity in the person I am today and who I want to be in the future." - Kaycee DeLuca 


"Caleb is such an intuitive and gifted life coach. His knowledge of the Bible and his experience in the business world was such a rare combination for me to find when I was searching for a life coach. I’m so grateful to Caleb for what he has done for me and my family. I look forward to starting my new position in a few weeks and I couldn’t have done it without him!” - Liz Coppin 

Ready to experience a spiritual and mental breakthrough related to food and fitness

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