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 Membership Benefits

  • Enjoy a healthier + happier life
  • Integrate your spiritual life into the rest of your life
  • Elevate emotions and improve relationships
  • Improve mental health and focus
  • Increase peace (feel less anxiety)
  • Feel closer to God

 What You'll Achieve

  • Your happiness grows
  • Your relationships get easier
  • Your work is more fulfilling.
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Spirituality + Personal Development + Wellness

If you're not thriving, it's because you're not investing in your WHOLE life: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

Are you stuck or struggling?

Are you discouraged or disconnected?

Are you feeling anxious or unhappy?

Imagine starting your day healthy and centered, and then staying connected - to your "whole" self and to your God - all day, all week. Your spiritual life can become more consistent and aligned with the rest of your life: personally, professionally, relationally, financially. 

The Spirit Farm Membership is built to help you thrive.

Imagine opening up your phone, iPad or laptop and, in one place, having a library of original, inspirational resources. Including fresh videos every single week: workout videos, guided prayer-meditations, and an inspirational teaching or mini-sermons (with discussion questions—for groups and families!) that frame your week and remind you what matters most. It’s not just inspiration and wellness, it’s a form of community and real connection, but on your terms—and in your pocket.

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We all have problems and experience pain, but few of us have safe places to get spiritual wisdom and coaching. Spirit Farm is that place. And your path starts with Membership.

Get Digital access to the entire program on all devices: Android, iOS, Desktop and tablet.


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Inspiring Teachings on Your Terms

Spirit Farm gives you a team of the most compelling, encouraging and relatable speakers teaching on real life issues. We are welcoming and inclusive to all while building on the foundation of Jesus’s life and teaching, plus, relevant Truth--anywhere we find it. 

Workout with Pros

The Spirit Farm Membership brings you weekly workouts from renowned instructors in the areas of Yoga, Pilates and Cross-Training. Workout at home or take us to the gym.

Guided Prayer-Meditation 

The teachings set the stage, but the Guided Prayer-Meditation can be a daily companion. Many of our members say this is their favorite resource. Sit down, press play, close your eyes and we'll help you take the simplest yet most profound journey of your life—inward.

Here's what to do:

1.  Join the Spirit Farm Membership NOW!

2.  Choose monthly or annual pricing (annual is the best value).

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Membership Pricing

While our simple and transparent pricing model is a no-brainer at an incredible value, the cost still matters. We associate value with sacrifice. Financial investment is the first and necessary step needed to take control of your decisions, direction and ultimately your destiny. 

There’s no catch, no offering plate, no shame, no religious guilt. Just a simple and affordable investment in yourself to supercharge your spiritual and personal development—mind, body, heart, soul.  

Monthly Membership: $19.97/month          

All-Access Annual Membership: $197/year

That’s just $0.54/day – cheaper than your multivitamin—that probably doesn’t work! 

Annual subscription also includes ALL online courses—such as, Life to the Whole30 Days of MindfulnessSix Steps to Becoming a Millionaire Without Losing Your Soul with more courses added every quarter. 

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Meet the Spirit Farm Team

Caleb Anderson, Spirit Farm Founder

is a spiritual teacher with 20 years of experience as a Spiritual Teacher/Guide, first as a pastor, then holistic life coach and entrepreneur.

Caleb studied business at the University of Southern California where he was voted Captain of the Men’s Volleyball Team by his teammates his Sophomore year.

He then worked at or consulted for several of the most influential churches and organizations in the country (Saddleback Church, Mariners Church, YMCA, Young Lifebefore leading a fast-growing church in Huntington Beach, CA. After the church exploded from 200 to 2,000 in weekly attendance in a few short years, Caleb realized that to serve and inspire more people would require a completely new approach.

He started Spirit Farm—a platform for personal development for the whole life: body, mind, heart, soul—in 2018 where thousands around the world find practical, spiritual coaching for their real lives. 

Caleb teaches regularly inside the Spirit Farm Membership Program, has authored several books, created multiple online courses and lives with his family in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Pete Wilson 

Nickname: “Pastor Pete”  

Pastor, Author, Coach

Amber Thiel  

Nickname: “Queen of Lean" 

Founder, The Healthy Edge

Mike Foster 

Nickname: “The Idea Guy” 

Founder, People of the Second Chance, XXX Church

Workout Instructors

Darlene Dearen

Nickname: "Yoga Lioness"

Expertise: Yoga

Hilary Anderson 

Nickname: "The Joy Maker"

Expertise: Pilates

Megan Leyen

Nickname: "Marvelous Megan" 

Expertise: Pilates

Anthony Padilla

Nickname: "The Pebble"  

Expertise: Cross-Training

Waiting is More Expensive

If you feel disconnected from God or yourself, bad decisions and wrong directions are inevitable.

How much sleep have you lost? How are your relationships suffering? What is a lack of clarity or confidence costing you? How is your health? How would an investment in your holistic health improve your life? 

This is the support system you’ve been looking for. And now is the time!  

Become a Spirit Farm Member

Why Join?

The benefits of membership are many, but here are our favorites: 

  • Build spiritual + personal development into your budget.
  • If you don’t pay for something, you don’t value it.
  • When you invest your money, your heart follows closely behind. 
  • It’s time we rethink how we’re growing—especially how we’re growing spiritually.

Bottom line, the progress you want will cost you something. That’s how life works. There’s no getting around it.

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FREE course: 30 Days of Mindfulness


($97 value) Enjoy 30 short videos that will help you build the habit of prayerful stillness and dramatically increase your experience of inner peace and freedom from anxiety. 


At your one-year anniversary, we’ll send you our Members Only shirt!




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Annual Membership BONUS

 EVERY Spirit Farm online course! Each course retails for $97 and new courses are added quarterly!

FREE 1 on 1 Coaching Call with Caleb Anderson.

Caleb will spend 30 minutes getting to you know you, your hopes and dreams, and the hurdles between you and your next level of development. You can schedule your Coaching Consult Call right away.


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